Re: Letter, Sept. 15, “Freeport is not so free”

I have to respond with some information that was not provided for consideration.

The City Council members did vote to consider themselves employees of the city and therefore voted to continue offering insurance to themselves of which only one out of five take the health insurance. This process is nothing new. It has been in place for many years.

There is no increase in salary for the council members of any amount that was voted down at a recent meeting. The mayor does currently receive $17,304.04 for his services, but he also works 44 hours a week in City Hall. Related to other cities mentioned, Destin and DeFuniak Springs, both have city managers who make in excess of $40,000 per year and their mayors are only part-time because they have someone administering their cities. Under the charter of the City of Freeport, the mayor is the administrator and yes, recently voted for that position to receive a 3 percent increase in pay, which may bring the salary up to minimum wage.

Russ Barley, mayor, Freeport