Re: Letter, Oct. 8, “Rally around the president”

She had it partly right! Trump’s certainly a nationalist. Likely she retrieved the rest of her history from Fox or talk radio. Know where this is going, right? When opinion carries as much, or more, weight than established fact we’re inhabiting this alternate universe thing. Mark Twain remarked, “A lie travels half way around the world, while truth is putting on its shoes.” The Twitter-in-chief’s words rack up more miles than Air Force One; the GOP, its most power since the ’20s.

Particularly troubling was her insistence nationalism and globalism are fighting over our souls. History drips with blood shed by nationalistic, pseudo socialistic or religious despots, all marching under their religious or secular banners!

History, if there’s anyone to write it, will not be kind to humans resting comfortably in our pot frog-like. A new normal, the West in flames, the East under water. A “civilized” nation virtually armed to the teeth, frightened and angry. Nationalism or faux “populism” preys on such scenarios! Even if the writer did have a better grasp on history, it doesn’t matter. Humanity’s sailed into the “perfect storm,” much of our own making! These are times we’ve never experienced before!

Despite our big brains, we may just become another failed species, much like the big-bodied creatures before us that we now run our cars on. Cars are difficult to move forward, using only rear-view mirrors. Einstein surely defined insanity. Doing the same things again, and again, each time expecting a different result. So careful what you rally around.

William White, Fort Walton Beach