One of your May 30 front page articles quotes Robert Mueller as stating that his report did not exonerate Trump, that he did not have confidence that the president “clearly did not commit a crime.” 

While I would never have confidence that any politician “clearly did not commit a crime,” this is hardly a rebuttal to Trump’s statement that he has been cleared. This is specifically true as both the attorney general and his deputy have found that the two-year collection of evidence shows the president innocent of wrongdoing whether by Russian collusion or obstruction. 

While I see a race between Trump and Bill Clinton for the least moral integrity of any president, Trump is by definition innocent until proven guilty. Self/party serving pronouncements by Democrats do not prove guilt. I would have a lot more respect for Democrat politicians if even a few would own up to the facts. 

Across the board, Democrats accuse Trump of being guilty because they cannot prove him innocent. This is a clear violation of the Constitution. Did they not swear to uphold the Constitution? Trump is not the only one weak on integrity. 

Roger Hudson, Crestview