I support cameras in classrooms, especially for vulnerable children. The embarrassment for the school district of Okaloosa County and other counties in this area, has lasted two years now and continues. It's frightening to think how innocent children have been abused during the years before the Noah Perillo case hit the newspapers.

Do we feel safety is in place because politicians state “some incidents have been unacceptable” but we are now making progress and moving in the right direction? Does this progress mean solid protection? Without Cameras in public school special needs classrooms, will abuse be over? Are we again covering up needs by having some staff training and better communication?

The system wants us to believe that we will tire of the fight for accountability. How sad our aspiring politicians continue to make soothing sounds, yet do nothing that will stop the abuse. Do parents feel their child is safe? Would you? What are they afraid of? That is a strong question, no one has a decent answer. Excuses? Yes. Answers? No.

Teachers, step out of your comfort zone. Prove you do not want to and will not abuse a helpless child by speaking out supporting cameras. Not a single teacher reported known abuse at Kenwood or Silver Sands. Maybe if one teacher had made that call, students may not be facing years of therapy for the isolation and cruelty received. No family member will ever understand why.

Don’t hide behind the superintendent and the teachers union. Request cameras is your classroom. Do the right thing for these kids.

Bettye Mendez, Miramar Beach

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