I cringe at the foolishness of those clamoring for an increase in the minimum wage. Where do you think that monetary increase comes from? A business owner will not permit his profit margin to be reduced. How does he/she maintain the margin? By increasing the price of goods and services, that's how.

It does not matter many dollars you have. What matters is those dollars' purchasing power. Case in point: In 1966, a candy bar cost 5 cents. Today, that same Snickers costs a dollar. Back then, cigarettes were 50 cents a pack. Today, a pack costs $6.50. That same thing happened to goods and services across the board. Wages increased but purchasing power did not.

I hope your efforts to raise the minimum wage fail. If they succeed, the price of everything I need goes up. I hope you can see how illogical your efforts are.

Steven Duke, Shalimar