Bruce Turner wonders if the coronavirus might have more sinister origins.

Why is it, that every year or two, another virus comes to the United States from China? Each virus tends to require a change in cure as it is a new virus.

Being a retired Air Force officer, my schooling in command and staff exposed me to many facts concerning biological and chemical warfare. Many of our adversaries have biological and chemical laboratories. The military considers biological and chemical warfare as just another type of weapon.

China does not share the same respect for humanity that we do. For 35 years, they adopted a one child policy. Fratricide was commonplace when a couple had more than one child. The current deadly animal virus epidemic spreading globally may have originated in a Wuhan laboratory linked to China's covert biological weapons program. This information was derived from an Israeli biological warfare expert.

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My military background makes me perhaps more skeptical than most concerning this disease. The following are a few reasons for this skepticism:

1. Why do many viruses routinely originate in China?

With each new virus we must, at great cost, create a new cure.These viruses can be transported through food, water, and individuals.

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2. If you wanted to influence our next election this virus might change votes. The stock market is currently in a dive and has lost nearly 3000 points. Expected imports from China will obviously be diminished which will have an adverse effect on our our economy. The spreading of this disease could affect the workforce both here and in China which would have devastating impact on both economies. Of course, the Democrats will blame President Trump.

3. China has demonstrated numerous times their lack of respect for humanity. Losing 4,000 or 5,000 citizens to this virus could be considered worthwhile to them if it would affect Trump's re-election. Currently, Trump is negotiating to improve our trade relations and make them more neutral. Currency manipulation and theft of trade secrets has been commonplace in the past. President Trump through trade negotiations is attempting to change China's unfair practices.

In summary, I hope my analysis is wrong, however, knowing the Washington Intel community, they will be viewing seriously how this virus came about.

Bruce Turner, Crestview