Michael Ogden connected for four hits to lead Kona Brew Crew in a 20-11 win over Hancock Whitney Bank in the city of Destin’s Coed Division I Softball League at Morgan Sports Center.

Ogden belted two doubles and two singles.

Hancock drew first blood with two runs in the second inning.

Kona came back to take the lead in the top of the third with six runs. By the end of four, the game was tied at 7-7.

In the sixth inning, Kona blew the lid off the game with the 10-run rule and then put the brakes on Hancock by only allowing three runs.

Kona finished up with three in the seventh, and Hancock one.

Paige Ogden hit an inside the park home run and two singles for two RBIs for Kona. Jerry Dameron hit four singles for two RBIs and Christian Manthey slapped a home run.

Chris Edmondson knocked an inside the park home run, a double and a single for two RBIs for Hancock. Joe Feltner tripled, doubled and singled for two RBIs and Anna Cordova hit two singles.


Emerald Coast Chiropractic 21, HarborWalk Marina 5

Chiropractic jumped out to an 11-1 lead in the first three innings. In the top of the fourth, Chiropractic cracked out the 10-run rule to go up 21-1.

HarborWalk scored two in the fourth and two in the fifth.

Shawn Woods led Chiropractic with a double and two singles for two RBIs. Teresa Imdieke hit three singles for five RBIs, and Don Edwards hit three singles for three RBIs.

Travis Holland belted an inside the park home run and a double for two RBIs for HarborWalk. Nelson Campbell doubled and singled and Brian Martinez hit two singles.


Hancock Whitney Bank 20, Ace in the Hole 9

Hancock stepped out to a 10-1 lead in the first two innings and then managed to put the game away in five.

Joe Feltner connected for two doubles and a single for three RBIs for Hancock. Davey Bazylak hit two doubles and a single for an RBI and Karen Scott batted three singles for three RBIs.

Andy Collins led Ace with a double and a single for two RBIs. Milly Santiago and Casey Leirer each hit two singles.


Prime’d 26, Bradley Textile Industrial 14

At the end of two innings, Prime’d led 12-2. In the third, Bradley scored two and Prime’d answered with six. At the end of four, Prime’d was on top 20-4.

In the top of the fifth, Bradley broke loose for the 10-run limit. Prime’d finished off the game in the bottom half with six runs.

Justin Webb was the big stick for Prime’d with three home runs and a double for eight RBIs. Josh Snyder hit two doubles and two singles for an RBI, and Jen Phillips doubled and hit three singles for three RBIs. Tyler Stahlhut and Michael Haynes each cranked out a home run.

Ryan Grandstaff hit three singles for an RBI for Bradley. Rita Cummings and Linda Griffith each hit two singles.