Florida landmark stumps ‘Jeopardy!’ contestants

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Walton Sun
Walton Sun

A Florida landmark stumped the contestants on the episode of “Jeopardy!” that aired Monday.

The popular game show’s Double Jeopardy! second round featured the category “State of the Bridge”; contestants were given bridge names and had to identify their state.

According to j-archive.com, some of the clues included “Lake Pontchartrain Causeway” for $400 (correct response: “What is Louisiana?”) and “Mackinac Bridge” for $1,600 (correct response: “What is Michigan?”).

But the most valuable clue in the category, worth $2,000, went unanswered. It was “The John Ringling Causeway.”

Contestants Vikram Prasad, a congressional aide from Washington, D.C.; Kimberly Flynn, a writer/editor from Wayne, Pennsylvania; and returning champion Michonne Omo, a staff attorney from Walnut Creek, California, stayed mum.

Host Alex Trebek told the contestants that the correct response was, of course, “What is Florida?”

Flynn went on to win the episode.

This story originally published to heraldtribune.com, and was shared to other Florida newspapers in the USA TODAY Network - Florida.