Painting a gift to Forgotten Children

Special to The Sun

Michelle Corely and her husband, Pat, are the coordinators for Forgotten Children’s Ministries girl’s home in Honduras.

Anne Hall, a Miramar Beach resident and artist said, “After meeting Michelle and learning more about Forgotten Children’s Ministries, especially the girl’s home, I knew I had to do something to support the ministry. Seeing how FCM cares for these abandoned girls by not only rescuing them off the streets and providing for their basic needs, but also educating them and showing them the love of Christ, I wanted to do something to bless the ministry and brighten up someone’s wall at the same time.”

Hall has produced this limited collection of uniquely hand-crafted art prints. Each print is hand stamped and one of a kind with the girls’ names written in the waves. One-hundred percent of the proceeds earned will benefit FCM.

FCM’s mission is to rescue the forgotten and abandoned street children of Honduras and encounter these children on the streets of the cities and providing them with food, shelter, clothing and medical attention in the short term.

Furthermore, its mission is to nurture, disciple, educate and provide vocational training for these street children in the long term.

For more information on the prints, please contact FCM’s main office at 423-892-4979. To view more of Hall’s work, visit