’Let everything that has breath ...’

Caroline Hare
Walton Sun

At the beginning of the year, I did the typical thing it seems like every family on planet Earth does now — I picked a word for the year. Well, the only word that kept coming up to me was Jubilee. What an odd, obscure word in the Bible.

As I dove into the word, I came to understand that the word Jubilee has to do with rest. It is a farming principle. People in the Bible times would sow and harvest for six years, and then on the seventh year they would let the land rest. What would happen is a greater crop would burst forth in the next harvest.

There seems to be a key here. When there is rest, better quality fruit burst forth. God placed benefits of a greater, healthier harvest for all of those who yielded to this Jubilee principle of letting the land rest.

As this is my 14th year in ministry, I felt like I was understanding that rest would be a key for 2020. I had no idea it would be at this level. The beauty of God is that in rest we recoup, regroup, and refocus. Everyone has different opinions on the beaches reopening, so save the comments. Last week though, I couldn’t resist popping over to the beach on Okaloosa Island to steal just 10 minutes of morning waves.

Like everyone else, I missed it. It was still early, about 8 a.m. As I walked to the edge of the water, I saw how this law in the Old Testament had come to life.

Schools of dolphins pranced, jumped and played all over the gulf — near, far, alone, together. I bet there were at least 50 dolphins that I could see. I watched as people, spaced out from one another, from young to older stopped in their tracks to peak at the beauty that was happening before their very eyes. Everyone paused to see this beautiful thing that God created.

Yes, that scripture from Psalm 150:6 rose up inside of me, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” As it referred to in Luke 19:40, there is no need for the rocks to cry out. I will cry out by the ocean. So will the people, as they pause, and the dolphins, too.

Caroline Hare is assistant to the pastor for Ministry Coordination and the Next Generations Pastor at Destin United Methodist Church. She can be reached at chare@destinumc.org.