Message from Pastor Brad

Brad Goode
Walton Sun

Dear Good News Family,

I wanted to share with you where we currently stand in regards to in-person worship gatherings.

We are currently operating under two recommendations from Bishop Graves and our Annual Conference leadership.

First, we will continue with online worship only through at least June 1. This date will very likely be extended.

Second, at the Bishop's recommendation we have established a COVID-19 Task Force to help form plans on how to best gather in person again. This task force will work with our staff, leadership, and church council to form the best path forward.

You can see all of the Bishop’s Recommendations at

We are ordering supplies in bulk to be sure we have everything available to us to keep our facilities as clean as possible. We are in the process of making all of our bathrooms touch-less.

We anticipate moving forward in phases that align with our state government phases.

I can assure you that everyone on the team is as ready to meet in person as you are. While we don’t think we are quite ready to meet in large groups just yet, we want to invite you to meet in small groups.

Starting on May 24, our online services are going to begin lasting about 40 minutes. We hope you will join with some others to watch the service together. Please, no more than 10 people and please follow all state and CDC recommendations for small gatherings. We will also provide some questions for you to discuss after the message. We hope this house church model will work well in the short term to minimize interactions while facilitating being together for those who want to do that. More details to come this week.

As our reentry team began its work, I shared with them a short scripture from 1 Chronicles 12:32. This passage is listing off all the support that God sent to David during a particular battle. It says God sent leaders “who understood the times and knew what Israel should do.”

That has been my prayer for our team during this season. That we would have wisdom to understand the times and know what to do as we seek to build our lives on the reality of Jesus Christ.

Brad Goode is pastor of Good News United Methodist Church in Santa Rosa Beach.