Billy Gray stepping down from pulpit

Billy Gray
Walton Sun

You may have heard by now that I have decided to step down as your regular weekly minister. I have been planning this for almost a year. I had hoped to make our Easter service this year the formal end of my weekly Sunday preaching, but a virus got in the way.

I do not use the word “retire” because I am still very active in the Billy Gray Ministries, and preaching was a small but very important part of that ministry.

There are about 200 churches worldwide that operate under the theological umbrella of the Billy Gray Ministry and this effort will not stop. Also, I hold seminars, do some teaching and am working on another book. I will continue to be a part of The Gathering and attend services there when I can, maybe even being a guest minister at times.

The past eight years at The Gathering have given me great memories and lifetime friendships. I really appreciate the support of The Gathering for me and for all my BGM projects. You have changed many lives. I treasure my time with you and still pray for you all. I wish nothing but the best in the future for The Gathering and I look forward to seeing you around Sandestin, at church and even on the golf course.

In the name of Jesus,

Billy Gray