30,000 LDS missionaries brought home from overseas

Carson Miller
Walton Sun

There we were in Chile, trying to live a normal missionary life when we got a call from the Mission President. We were told to be ready to leave the next day.

Soon we found ourselves in Temuco, looking for a bus to San Pedro. But it was closed. Literally no one was allowed to enter or leave the city.

The next day we flew from Santiago to Salt Lake City, an 11- hour flight. I traveled to Texas and then to Destin. It is odd being back home. I am sad at leaving Chile, but this is the plan of the Lord. Who knows how it will end?

The best thing that I have noticed is how much a good attitude helps in these times. I know that as I trust in the lord, he will make everything work out and will help me stay positive. I am excited for the future and everything to come. I have just learned that I have been assigned to Tucson, Arizona. If anyone needs anything, let me know and I will do the best I can to help from the confines of my quarantined home.