I CAN AND I WILL: What will your heaven be like?

Rick Stanfield
Walton Sun
I’ve been thinking a lot about heaven lately. I wonder why some people live long lives and some leave this earth too soon. I’m just like everyone else; I try to find logic in every bad thing that happens. If I had been handed a document outlining my entire life when I was born, it would take the living out of my life. The one thing I’ve figured out is that God knows what he’s doing.
Christ promised his followers they would live with him in heaven (John 12:26; 13:36; 14:2-3).
This scripture motivates and allows me to accept what happens because my faith in God and heaven is constant. I know that this time here is like a grain of sand on the beach. It’s mindboggling how miniscule the frame of time is and how massive our infinite life in heaven will be.
I picture my time after this life to be filled with eternal happiness beyond belief. I’ll be out at the bayou shooting my BB gun with my dad. I’ll be hanging out with my grandfather and watching my cousin Bub play drums. Bill Robinson and I will be driving his Ford Pinto down Walnut Street in Steele, Missouri, with an endless gas supply and a radiator that doesn’t run hot. I’ll have homemade biscuits from my grandmother every day and will not gain a pound.
My friend Larry will be able to tell me every part of his exciting life, as his mind will be free of disease.
Heaven will be filled with the good memories we’ve created while here on earth and the bad will be erased. When we’re mourning the loss of a loved one, don’t forget that we will all be reunited again soon, and the happiness will be eternal.
What will your heaven be like?
Rick Stanfield is a syndicated columnist, professor, motivational speaker and author. His latest book is “I Can and I Will.” For more information, visit his website at www.rickstanfield.com