Alys Beach celebrates groundbreaking of The Lucian

Shelby DeSoto

On Thursday, members of Alys Beach celebrated the new addition to the coastal community with a groundbreaking on The Lucian.

Located near the amphitheater, the Lucian will be a mixed-use four-story condominium space featuring eight residencies, commercial space as well as underground parking.

“It's really a groundbreaking not only for the Lucian but also for the town center,” said Tom Dodson, vice president of sales for Alys Beach. “We've been very excited about getting that underway and so the Lucian signifies the start of the town center.”

Town architects Marieanne Khoury-Vogt and Erik Vogt are behind the creative construction of The Lucian which is set to break ground in mid August.

The architectural design of The Lucian reflects the sleek sophisticated style that has been well known to Alys Beach. Dodson said it will take on the influences of similar buildings and designs from Bermuda.

The name behind the building is derived from Lucian May, who received the unoccupied land from the federal government in 1925 to be used as farm land. The community chose to name the building in honor of the homesteader.

Alys Beach has also hired B.L. Harbert International from Birmingham as general contractors for construction.

Since its announcement to the public in June, Dodson said six residencies have already been purchased. The Lucian will be located on the southwest corner of the amphitheater.

Dodson told The Sun the completion date for The Lucian is set for February 2017.