Searching for Shop Kitty

Staff Writer
Walton Sun
Shop Kitty is seen here doing what she loves to do.

Resort Resale's store cat went missing Sept. 14 from the store at 3834 Highway 98 West in Santa Rosa Beach.

According to the store’s Vickie Dollar, Shop Kitty "loved sleeping in the lap drawer of the sales desk. Sure wish she were here to do that again. She's tortoise colored and de-clawed front and back.  I would never have done that but someone left her at our door with her litter box about two years ago... poor kitty. She was so happy here after being ‘dumped’ by her previous owners. And our customers LOVED her! Many came in just to visit with her.”

If you see Shop Kitty, contact Vickie Dollar at Resort Resale 267-0064.