‘Improvement is guaranteed’: The Tutoring Center to offer specialized instruction in South Walton

Molly Mosher

When Mike and Julie Blech’s eldest son needed a boost in his grades, the couple was left with few options for after-school tutoring.

“The closest thing to us was in Fort Walton Beach,” said Mike. “There was simply nothing in the area.”

They decided to take matters into their own hands and will open The Tutoring Center in Grand Boulevard to offer personalized and affordable tutoring in math, reading, and writing to kindergarten through 12th grade students in the South Walton and Destin area.

Their three boys, age 7, 10, and 12, will all be enrolling at the center, which also offers enrichment programs for high performers. This was a key factor in deciding on what kind of tutoring facility to open.

“We asked ourselves, ‘Would we send our children to this place?’ ” said Mike of the wide array of centers typically available in other markets. “That’s why we chose to bring The Tutoring Center to the area — it was a place with great results that we'd be comfortable sending our own kids.”

Founded by Dr. Edward Thalheimer, Ph.D., in 1994 in Long Beach, Calif., The Tutoring Center has proven extremely effective in helping thousands of students reach their full academic potential. Now with more than 70 locations across the country and in Mexico and Dubai, The Tutoring Center has been successful by combining innovative teaching techniques with a fun, inviting environment. One of the innovations is the Rotational Approach to Learning, a patented methodology developed by Thalheimer. Using this approach, students rotate through three different stations over the course of any given session. This unique system prevents boredom, improves concentration, and allows the students to really focus on the material.

“Even adults lose focus during a straight hour of instruction, and the rotational approach keeps everyone focused for the entire session,” said Julie, emphasizing that the center’s approach helps keep a child engaged.

Another difference in The Tutoring Center is Individualized One to One Instruction. Instead of the usual small group approach each student receives individual attention from a certified tutor, but also has time to work independently. This method allows a customized program for each student and minimizes distractions and competition.  It's also proven superior to dedicated personal tutoring because the child has time for independent application and mastery of the material. By combining Individualized One to One Instruction with the patented Rotational Approach to Learning, The Tutoring Center has a student success rate of over 95 percent. 

It all starts with a free comprehensive diagnostic assessment that quickly and accurately pinpoints each child's strengths and weaknesses and the skills needed to improve. From that information a personalized plan is developed for each student to get them back on track. Attending two or three times a week can bring rapid results — up to a year's worth of advancement in as little as 40 sessions.

Results are more than just possible, they're guaranteed, the couple says. If a student hasn't met their improvement goals they can continue free of charge until that goal is met. The programs at The Tutoring Center are more than homework help.  They are designed to fill in the "skill gaps" that keep a child back and prevent them from being able to do homework on their own. Monthly tuition is $329 for two sessions per week.

The center is currently enrolling students and sessions will be held from 3:30 to 7:30 Monday through Thursday.

Julie and Mike are excited to finally help area students meet the challenges of modern curriculum.

“The schools here are fantastic,” said Julie of Walton and Okaloosa county schools. “But the demands on both the kids and the teachers are higher now.  Sometimes kids just need a little outside help to reach their full potential."

For more information, visit Sandestin.Tutoringcenter.com, call 424-7935, or Like the Grand Boulevard franchise on Facebook. The Tutoring Center is located at 655 Grand Boulevard, #106, between the Lee’s Nails and The French Laundry.