Public Works aims to increase safety along 30A

Special to The Sun
A flashing sign tells of the new speed limit between Grayton and Seaside.

In an effort to increase safety along Walton County’s Scenic 30A, the County’s Public Works Department has made a few changes with additional work to be done. 

The project and processes that are currently being instituted were initially generated by citizen concerns that the area needed some additional safety measures put in place.  The Department of Public Works began the planning process in early November and is currently working to ensure the safety of this stretch of road.

"Safety is our number one priority. This is a temporary measure instituted by the previous board until we build the bridge over Western Lake,” said District 5 Commissioner Cindy Meadows.  “I will be proposing to the BCC that we use bed tax revenues to build the bridge and maintain the paths based on the Florida Attorney General recent opinion that bed tax revenues may be used if deemed tourist related by the governing body."

The project will include the following improvements:

1.      Extend the existing 25 mph speed zone that begins west of Watercolor to encompass the two Western Lake vehicular bridges. (Complete)

2.      Install informational signage to heighten driver awareness of the close proximity of pedestrians and bicyclists on the two bridges. (Complete)

3.      Restripe the entire area and install more reflectors to heighten driver awareness. (In Progress)

4.      Install candlesticks (flexible vertical visual/physical barriers) between the eastbound lane and the multi-use path/paved shoulder. (Forthcoming)

If the public should have any questions or concerns, please contact the Walton County Department of Public Works at 892-8108.