A season of celebration coming to a close

Deborah Wheeler | The Walton Sun
Greig and Sandy Buckley get into the Christmas spirit prior to the Sinfonia Broadway Christmas concert Dec. 14.

The season's Christmas parties have begun to wind down, but not before all had the opportunity to celebrate the season.

Jackie Lynch again opened her lovely Emerald Bay home to members of the Women's Art Network for their annual Christmas party. Among the 41 members attending Dec. 10 were Peggy Jones, Lois Kennedy, Betty Cork, Susan Alfieri, and Donnelle Clark.

Tim Krueger and Cory Fosdyck of Merrill Lynch held a happy hour Dec. 13 at The Vue to introduce Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation's John Russell and its mission. Meg Warrington, Candace Abuvala, Lisa Hinds, and Betty Krika attended.

Also that night, Marie's Bistro hosted its first wine dinner with representatives from Oyster Bay winery. Ladie Bea and Wayne Carlisle, Tom Saffel, Martha and Tom Casey were some who enjoyed the champagne reception, lobster and crawfish bisque, Mediterranean salad, lamb, blackened yellowfin tuna, and assorted desserts. The affair was lots of fun and delish.

Kent and Peggy Lillie attended the Friends of Eden's annual Christmas potluck dinner Dec. 13, as did Brenda Radtke, Barbara and Willis Young, Paul and Bett Appel.

On Dec. 14 Santa Rosa Beach Club women held their ladies' Christmas luncheon at The Vue. Jeanette Miller and Connie Yarbro enjoyed the event which included a fashion show presented by Ava's Attic.

Prior to Sinfonia's Christmas on Broadway concert last Friday night at Destiny Worship Center, Sandy and Greig Buckley, Marinella and Robert Monk, and John Stasko met at Tommy Bahama's for dinner.

Ray and Martha Jones, Shirley and Chuck Simpson, Demetria McNeese, Debra Adams, Jerry and Doreen Baca, Charlie and Betty White, Michael Dobson, and Malpa Fuller also enjoyed the concert.

I had some fun helping a friend make chili sauce and Yule logs then delivering them to friends last weekend.

Then, for a change of pace, I took in the Dread Sunday afternoon at The Red Bar, as did John Stasko and Dwight Ward.

I finally got to try the new Three Wise Men pinot noir and cab. They are very good.

Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort has been named the “Best of Weddings” for 2013 by "The Knot" magazine.

Seaside is named Travel + Leisure's "Best Beach for Families" in its new issue.

Happy 29th wedding anniversary wishes go out to Kent and Peggy Lillie.

Fred and Ampy Cox visited her mom in Atlanta last week.

Tom and Michelle Fillingim have returned from a vacation in Aruba and visiting with friends. They also stopped in Miami and West Palm Beach.

Sharon Thompson and her friend Angela Thompson have returned from attending a dog show in Orlando.

Stephen Marlette and Harriet Crommelin have returned from their African safari.

Leslie Provow is flying three trips to Sydney, Australia, back-to-back over the Christmas holiday. Good hubby Scott is flying out to be with her in LAX before Christmas so she doesn’t have to commute home for two days then return. Scott will then fly to Iowa to see his mom for Christmas.

Wally Weisenborn returned to his native Chicago for Christmas.

Steve and Payson Howard and family are spending the holidays in Washington, D.C.

Donna Vann spent Christmas in Laredo, Texas, with her son Bruce and his wife.

Carrie Nelle Moye is spending Christmas in the U.K. Her youngest daughter is a professor there, as is her husband. Her daughter will be returning from Cambodia (Southeast Asia is her area of expertise) at midnight before Carrie Nelle arrives the next morning. While away her family moved into an old row house they have been refurbishing for almost a year. Carrie Nelle intends to cook all U.S. Southern food while there even though she has to take many of the ingredients with her as her two English grandangels have never tasted "our kind of food."

Lynn Wesson is celebrating with family in Birmingham and Clarksville, Tenn.

Dudley and Al Cook are spending Christmas week on Marco Island.

Jess and Deb Eberhart’s two sons arrive from New York City Christmas Day for a few days.

My daughters will arrive this weekend for Christmas with mom.

Wish a "happy birthday" today to Jennifer Green.

Tomorrow to Nancy Cummins, Sarah Modica, Kevin Boyle, and Ann McQueen.

"Happy Christmas Eve" birthday wishes go out to Lori Smith.

On Christmas Day to Joan Kirkland.

And on the 26th to Kathy Bridges, Geri Golding, Gail Murray, Jackie Hart, and Kate Johnson.

I wish one and all a very merry Christmas full of love.

Deborah Wheeler is the arts and entertainment reporter for The Walton Sun. She may be reached at 654-8443, 687-1239, or email dwheeler@waltonsun.com. Follow her on Twitter @WaltonSunDeb. Party Line appears weekly in The Sun.