What locals are hoping to find under their trees this Christmas

Deborah Wheeler | The Walton Sun

Visions of sugar plums might have at one time danced in children's heads, but kids do grow up … and alas, when South Walton adults were asked what they hoped to find under their tree this Christmas, sugar plums were not among the things they envisioned.

A far cry from sugar plums, "A white 4x4 Ford Explorer Sport," is what Alligator Lake's Hank White is hoping for.

All Realtor Garner Chandler wants for Christmas is for both of her sons to come home from places far away. Her Jack has been in Denmark since August and Will in New York since October.

New Walton County Commissioner Cindy Meadows wants a personal assistant and a red convertible.

Realtor Christina Meinen wants a different means of transportation: a horse!

Seaside's Charlie Renfroe is still hoping for a balanced federal budget. We wait.

Artist Chick Huettel wants to find an envelope from the Grinch with the winning Lotto numbers on it.

Blue Mountain Liquors' Christy Haynes is wishing her "furry" family members would buy her four new tires for her vehicle.

A new doting grandfather, columnist Buz Livingston doesn't want anything for himself, just presents for his new grandbaby.

Speaking of babies, Sandestin resident Ampy Cox said if she only finds a Christmas card from her son and daughter in law in Atlanta saying that they are pregnant, she wouldn't need anything else under her tree. "I've always wanted to have six kids of my own, but only had three, so now I can't wait to have lots of grandkids!" she said. However, she said she knows they will have a wonderful Christmas, because for the first time in three years all their kids will be with them for Christmas, which is absolutely the best present ever!

Family does the trick for Miramar Beach's Bonnie Pleggenkuhle also. She hopes to find her son Dewain and his family under her tree; receive a telephone call from a special man; and she would like to find a newspaper saying all our military are home with their families for Christmas.

Seaside art teach Billie Gaffrey would like a black lab puppy named Ziggy.

Realtor Bobby Johnson is leaving his options open so as not to be disappointed. "I would like to have all my kids in one room for a few hours perhaps … or ... a new surfboard!"

However, Grayton's DeLene Sholes is thinking more philanthropically. She would like to find a card or note telling her that a small (or not so small) donation has been made to a charity that provides food for hungry people in lieu of a Christmas gift for herself this year.

And last, but not least, Seagrove's Donnelle Clark wants a new iPad and many hugs.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.