Residents share their Easter delights, dreams and desserts


Easter is a religious holiday full of tradition — but, for most, the day also conjures up dreamy thoughts of yummy foods and surprises that can be traced back to our childhood.

"What is your yummiest delight or craving when you anticipate Easter's arrival?" the Sun recently asked several in the community. Answers ranged from wine to ham, but most look forward to those coveted treats from our childhood.

Lane Rees keeps it traditional and looks forward to having lamb on Easter. "It is a meaningful tradition," he said.

In the same vein, Realtor Judi Rutland's favorite Easter food is Atlanta Ham.

Those who gave up a particular food for Lent are looking forward to enjoying it again. Such is the case with Swantree's Jim Carter, who is looking forward to having a big bacon cheeseburger with fries and a Coke.

However, as Easter draws near, very vivid memories from Realtor Keen Polakoff's childhood surface in his head, and quite fondly. He can still see the colored wrapped basket with the green bedding the Easter Bunny used to bring. "I have to get back on his route ... it's been years," he said. "Those Cadbury malted eggs speckled just so, what kind of bird laid those? The chocolate bunnies were fun, but those Cadbury's and jelly beans; I still smile at all the love and thought that Bunny put into it all."

Many others also recall the brightly wrapped basket, but that’s just the container — bring on the goodies!

The Malted Milk candy eggs are the favorite Easter food indulgence of Santa Rosa Beach's Lorre James. "I also have a favorite childhood memory of dyeing the eggs with the vinegar coloring and hunting them over and over and over again with my cousins at my grandparents' house," she said. "If there was rain on Easter, we would hide them in the house. There was always an indoor egg that unfortunately did not get found until much later in the year."

Dear Easter Bunny: Johndra Culp is craving some Cadbury chocolate eggs with caramel in the middle AND/OR the Snickers eggs.

Jeff Ellis is also looking forward to getting his fix of Cadbury dark or milk chocolate mini eggs. "I buy them and store the chocolate eggs in the freezer and nibble on them throughout the entire year until they are available for purchase the next year," he said.

"Cadbury eggs! Yummy," agreed Seagrove's Jane Bahr, who is lucky enough to have a husband named Greg who always buys them for her.

"Cadbury's Easter Eggs!" WaterSound's Joan Luchese agrees without hesitation.

But, Seagrove's Karen White looks forward to Reese’s peanut butter cups shaped like Easter eggs – YUM!

As does Santa Rosa Beach's Meg Warrington. "I love Reese's peanut butter cups, and pink ... totally sugar-covered marshmallow bunnies, although she admits the yellow chicks are pretty wonderful too. Utopia," she said.

Realtor Murray Balkcom agrees. "It just wouldn't be Easter without yellow Peeps."

Miramar Beach's Carol Annino says the chocolate marshmallow eggs are his guiltiest Easter pleasure.

For Sandestin's Joe Ausley, chocolate bunnies are what gets his heart hopping.

For hit part, Jake Jacobs of Sandestin prefers more adult fare. He looks forward to red wine at Easter. And Sandestin's Jeanette Miller prefers a bloody Mary over the pastels.

And, when you're done hunting for all the eggs and devouring them, the ham, and the wine, go out and enjoy the 24th annual Hubba Hubba Bunny Hop at Pandora's in Grayton Beach, beginning about 4:30 p.m.