PARTYLINE: ArtsQuest and moms and birthdays -- it's all good

Deborah Wheeler

What a beautiful weekend last week for lots of fun activities!

South Walton is such a wonderful place to live! It's a place where when you go out, everyone truly knows your name. It feels like home. I'm glad it is.

One such night last week, I made two stops: the first at the Victory Day Celebration at the new Grayt Grounds at Monet Monet and saw so many people I used to see all the time, but don't see much any more. It felt so good to see Joe Serrato, Mike McCarty, Susan Thornton, Rene Endres, Lauren Gall, Buz and Susan Livingston, Rebecca Sullivan, Lynn Nesmith, Cheri Peebles, Carla and Rocky Hard, Cynthia Kennedy, Chase Johnson, Claire Bannerman, Jack Gardner, Shelly Swanger and Linda Gudnason, Eileen West and Franko Jackson, Mary Elsberry, sweet. I want to see these guys more often!

My second stop was at La Playa, where I saw Lorre and Bob James, Barbara Rowan, and Tim Jackson. Great to see them also.

I celebrated my birthday last Saturday night with a steak dinner at Fleming's. Ron and Gena Bolton, and John Stasko were there.

Mother's Day was almost perfect. A mimosa by the pool after breakfast, a walk on the beach, then, ArtsQuest. I saw lots of familiar faces there. Keen and Kim Polakoff, Cody Copeland, Donna Vann, Donnelle Clark, Joy Fine, Garner Chandler, Jamie and Jenna Conley, Leah Stroble, Lynn Nesmith, Russell Carter, Charles Siskin, KB and Robby Dalal, Allison Wickey, Fran Adaro, Mike and Angela Ragsdale, Barbara and Tommy May, Melody Bogle, and John Stasko were there. The added dimension of WineQuest is a definite plus.

Congratulations to Melody Bogle for taking Best in Show.

I enjoyed a second birthday dinner Monday night of grilled lamb chops paired with French pinot noir (a birthday gift from my daughter), which was a superb end to a very nice weekend. Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes. 

Betty Cork hosted Women's Art Network members at her WaterSound home Monday night. Robin Wiesneth, Barbara May, Donnelle Clark, Karen Kohlenberg, Jackie Lynch, Martha Cooper, Bett Appel, Didon Comer, Susan Lucas, Victoria Hunt, and Donna Vann were some who attended.

Walton County Chamber's annual luncheon May 8 was enjoyed by Cynthia Kennedy, Lorre James, Michelle Ray, Robert McCullar, Myra Williams, Gary Breilmayer, Wendy Radke, Stacey Brady, Tim and Alice Pauls, Nancy Stanley, Megan Harrison, Tracy Louthain, Nicole Scott, and Maurice Gilbert.

Emily Springer, her son Lucas, daughter Maren and grandmother Nancy Canning returned from Pennsylvania and visiting with extended family in time to celebrate Mother's Day with neighbors Ann and Tommy Melancom and daughter Natalie. The men cooked.

Bergie and Carole Bergstrom celebrated Mother's Day with their daughter and son in law from Tally at Sandestin's Beach Club.

Chuck and Shirley Simpson just returned from four days with their almost 5-year-old granddaughter at Disney World.

Lorene Gruzdis entertained friends from Colorado this past week.

Christina Ruckel and Gary Cook have been busy with company visiting their home in San Miguel de Allende. Karen Henard and Ross Carter were there for a week, as well as their former exchange student from Australia, Annabelle. Christina and Gary have bought several properties in San Miguel and are redoing them into luxury upscale apartments.

As some return home to the beach, others are packing up and leaving in anticipation of the onslaught of tourists. I hate to say "goodbye" to Wally and Shirley Weisenborn as they leave for Chicago for the summer, and to Jake and Susie Jacobs, who are packing to summer on Lake Superior. Until we meet again.

ArtsQuest got a mention in the Huntsville Times.

Congratulations to Brett Wheeler, who is the new Regional Capital Market Specialist for the National Credit Union Association in Division 1. And, to Ashley Wheeler, who earned the designation of Division Executive Director for the March of Dimes in Birmingham.

Mike McIntosh has a new family member -- Orion. Congrats!  

Condolences to Marti Schmidt in the loss of Sophie.

Wish a "happy birthday" today to fellow Taureans Realtor Maurice Gilbert, Candace Abuvala, and Ladd Goodson.

Sunday to soap lady Celeste Cobena.

Monday to Elizabeth Orr, head lady Suzette DeJarnette, and Jamie Christ.

Tuesday to Shawn Chick, Dede Edwards, and Flynn Morris.

Wednesday to Mark Polaski.

And Thursday to Joyce Sunday, Matt Christ, Sheila Wachsman, Donna Vann, and John Czapleski.

Deborah Wheeler is the arts and entertainment reporter for The Walton Sun. She may be reached at 654-8443 or email Her Party Line column appears weekly in The Sun. Contributions are accept