Local artist and designer duo featured at High Point Market

Deborah Wheeler

A local creative dynamic duo has teamed up again to collaborate in exhibiting their skills, this time in High Point, N.C.

Artist Peggy Jones and her interior designer husband, Gary Cooper, have been tapped to design and decorate the 3,000-square-feet of interior spaces of the McKinley Leather manufacturing showroom at the High Point Furniture Market.

As an interior designer, Cooper is a McKinley dealer and has sold their leather furniture to his clients for five years. He goes to market at High Point every April and October when they have the international home furnishings market, in which McKinley Leather participates.

When Cooper and Jones were up there last October they noticed the McKinley showroom had a few art pieces hanging there from a local gallery, but apparently the owners had hired no professionals to do the design.

"They had never dedicated their showroom to an artist or designer before," said Jones, who pulled out her brochure to show the owners samples of her artwork.

Gallery owner Lori Sadowski was impressed and hired both Cooper and Jones to design and decorate her showroom.

"She sent me leather samples of the pieces she wanted to show in April and I painted according to her samples," said Jones.

The couple went back up to North Carolina in March and hung 27 pieces of Jones' artwork. Cooper lent his touch to complete the design details so the space looked good to dealers and enticing to buyers. They completed the look in three days.

Cooper had the walls painted to wow and arranged the high-end leather furnishings with added touches, setting by setting.

"I worked with her leather colors and Peggy's art and pulled it together," said Cooper.

Cooper and Jones are under contract to redesign every six months for two years and McKinley's 15 national representatives are traveling year 'round promoting the leather, and now showing it in brochures featuring the couple's artistic designs.  

"McKinley Leather has been in business since 1989 and has never done this before," said Jones. "They have never had a single interior designer and artist under contract. It's a big deal."

All of Jones' art featured in the showroom is for sale.

View their work online at www.coopsinteriors.com.