30A wines coming soon to The A

30A Wine will soon join 30A Beer.

The 30A nametag has become a hot commodity and the brand can be seen on everything from T-shirts to beer.

After the first of the year we will also be able to see the brand on wine.

30A.com and Krutz Family Cellars have joined together in a partnership to offer the wines on The A and beyond.

30A.com owner Mike Ragsdale said he was approached to do 30A spirits a while back but he did not feel the time was right, nor the product.

He said expansion of the 30A brand was a natural from online to apparel to beer, and now to wine, and he feels blessed with the success 30A Beer has experienced, which was launched in March. Ragsdale said testing the market with beer first was a good test to see if people would purchase the 30A brand past touristy items, and they have.

"Beer was the natural first step past apparel," he said, "but now it is time for wine."

Ragsdale and Bryan Krutz have known each other for a few years as Krutz lives at WaterColor.

"When wine was next on Mike's plate he reached out to us and we said 'absolutely.' He was already a fan and we're local. This is a special blend just for 30A that we will produce," said Krutz.

The grapes will come from different vineyards throughout California.

A chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon will be the first varietals marketed as they are the most popular, said Krutz, but there are plans to expand in time.

Krutz grew up in Mississippi and says his family always had wine on the dinner table.

"We grew up around wine and it intrigued us," he says. "We were always into wine."

So, it was a natural progression that he joined his older brother Patrick in his California wine venture when he finished college in what began as a hobby. The brothers finally decided they were passionate about it and wanted to pursue it, establishing Krutz Family Cellars in 2003.  

Krutz moved to South Walton in 2005 and owned Courtyard Wine & Cheese in Rosemary Beach for six years.

30A Wine will debut on 30A in late February or early March, appearing in local retail stores and groceries here first before moving outward in the Panhandle, and on to other states. Depending on the retailer, the wines are expected to retail for less than $15.

"It will be a special blend for us," said Ragsdale. "Beer and wine are intrinsic to the area and culture here and our blend will be presented with the local culture in mind."