RON HART: Hillary -- she's no Bill Clinton

Ron Hart


Enroute to her inevitable coronation as the 2016 Democratic nominee for president, Hillary has stumbled out of the gate.

While being coy on the question of whether she is running, Hillary says she just wants to spend time with her grandbaby and her friends, who all happen to be in New Hampshire and Iowa these days. You know a liberal Democrat is running for office if he or she is in Iowa; the only other reason to be there is if their private jet crashed on the way to a fundraiser in L.A.

Her grandbaby is doing well. Hillary has been spending time with the baby and even knitted her a tiny pantsuit. Democrats already have the 3-month-old baby leading by 10 points in the 2064 Democrat poll for president.

Hillary is a gaffe machine that rivals Joe Biden.

First, there was the Benghazi aftermath, where she scrambled to spin her decisions there. When questioned about her role, she bellowed, “At this point, what does it matter?” Four Americans died and our consulate was destroyed. The administration orchestrated a cover-up before the 2012 presidential election, saying the attack was in response to a YouTube video. Hillary echoed — repeatedly — the false narrative.  Strike one.

Second strike: She cannot point to any meaningful accomplishments while she was secretary of state. The world is not safer; she missed ISIS and other diplomatic opportunities. Our relationship with Israel is strained, even with Bill trying to help — three of his last four mistresses were Jewish.

She ran a loose State Department. CBS reported that Hillary’s State Department protective detail drank and caroused with hookers while overseas with her. Obama was furious about the duplication in government.  Procurement of prostitutes is traditionally the Secret Service’s area of expertise.

Third strike: Hillary’s rigidly orchestrated “book tour” was a mess. She did not sell as many books as expected, and it had the feel that the uber-liberal CNN said “resembled a campaign — war rooms with surrogate coordination.”

In an interview Hillary said she and Bill were “dead broke” when they left the White House in 2001. She acted like it was so bad at one point that they were forced to share a bedroom.

She lied. In fact, they earned $12 million that year, according to then-Senator Clinton’s own financial disclosures. The New York Times reported in 2008 that the Clintons made $109 million in the eight years after they left the White House.

Hillary is known for demanding detailed contracts and huge fees for speaking engagements. She even charges colleges for speeches. She recently charged the University of Nevada — Las Vegas $225,000 for a speech ironically titled, “The Importance of Free Speech.” It is as if she is trying to make my job of humor easy.

Fourth strike (yes, she is still batting): She recently borrowed a page from Obama’s socialist playbook and reiterated his naïve statement that corporations and businesses do not create jobs. I guess her speaking fees are paid by stardust money and unicorn bucks.

The reality is that, under Democrats, businesses will stop creating jobs in America in favor of hiring overseas. Inversion, the act of moving your company out of the USA, has become all the rage. Companies do so because the corporate tax rate under Obama is the highest in the developed world, regulations have been growing, and ObamaCare is a costly mess.

Democrats can play the stupid populist card and vilify companies, but economic reality doesn’t change: Money goes where it is treated best. That is no longer America.

The reality is that there is no Republican “War on Women” — just Democrats’ War on Answering Questions.

Hillary needs to answer the tough questions: 1.What were her quantifiable achievements as secretary of state? 2. Why does she believe that corporations do not create jobs? 3. Why have so many scandals plagued her and how does she answer for them? 4. Why lie about Benghazi? At this point, the truth does make a difference

There are two things no one can explain. One is Bruce Jenner, and the other is the Clinton marriage. Yet Bill and Hillary are a formidable pair. With no bench to rely on, the power-dependent Democrats need them to hold on.

Bill will do what it takes to make Hillary happy right now, which probably will involve cheating on her with a single Latina woman in a swing state.

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