Some win and some lose, some after thoughts

Tom McGee

During last week's county races, some were close, and in the end, the county had to bid adieu to some long-time servers and welcome some new faces.

Bob Hudson, who had served on the South Walton Mosquito District board, was one of those the county had to say goodbye to.

Hudson said he was proud to serve out the unexpired term of a former commissioner and then be elected to a four-year term in 2010. He said he wishes his winning opponent Ronnie Faulk the best in his next four years of service to the taxpayers of the South Walton Mosquito District.

Hudson said he plans to continue his work with the Walton County Taxpayers Association as he looks to determine exactly where he might serve the citizens of Walton County in the future.

"I want to thank those who supported my reelection campaign," said Hudson.

Down the road a piece, another man was making his first run for public office in Walton County and won in a tight race for a seat on the Fire District board.

Tom McGee had been selected to serve out the unexpired term of another board member, but had to run in the open election to keep the seat. His closest opponent, Bob Brooke, gave him a good race.

"I was happy with the outcome, and happy it's over," said McGee. "I did not know my opposer and I did not know what he has done in the community, but I thought I would be the better person for the job. It's a good outfit and I am proud to be a part of it. I appreciate the votes from nonpartisans. I know the chief, the staff, and I enjoyed being part of it."

McGee has served on the fire board since May. Before retiring and moving to South Walton 10 years ago he served as an assistant district attorney in Louisiana and sat on the judge's bench for 24 years.

"My goal in serving on the Fire Board is to help the staff," he said. "I have a lot of confidence in Chief (Rick) Talbert and the staff and I want to listen and see which direction we need to go. South Walton is growing and needs expanding services to keep up. If we need to move them we need to support them in that."

He noted that all firefighters have EMT certification, and some have nurse certification.

"The calls they receive are 80-85 percent for medical assistance and a high percentage are visitors. It's important to keep up our level of competency, and to attract the best people for the job offering good working conditions and compensation," said McGee. "I want to help do that."