The Destin Palms advantage: 'Target marketing and consistency is key'

Advertorial by Noelle Labrie

Sitting down with the Destin Palms Vacations team, it was clear… the owners of the properties that they manage are genuinely important. The vacation rental team, led by Partner Jessica Forrester, takes generating the maximum income for their owners very seriously.

“Our owners buy these homes and condos as investments,” says Jessica. “It’s up to us to ensure that they see the maximum return possible.”

The vacation team also makes it a priority to pay close attention to treat each property as if a family member owned it. That is what makes Destin Palms Vacations unique.

Aside from substantially increasing revenue, Jessica and her team scour each unit. This includes inspections immediately after each guest departure and again after the property has been cleaned prior to the arrival of the new guest. This ensures the property is looked after and that guests, as well as owners, walk in to a clean, well maintained property.

“Owners don’t want to arrive for their vacation to find a stain in the carpet, a hole in a door, or a broken piece of furniture that was never reported,” says Sandy Powley, quality control manager. “We do our best to make sure everything is accounted for, the unit is clean and all appliances, fixtures and furniture are in good working order.”

Valory Roberts, manager of guest services at Destin Palms, reports the approval rating from their owners and guests have been soaring.

“Revenue is up for owner investors and they are very happy with the way their properties are being cared for,” voices Valory. There are several creative ways that Destin Palms uses to ensure maximum rentals.”

She continues, “Target marketing and consistency is the key. We strategize and make a plan for each rental property. We will pick specific areas of the country, at strategic times of the year, and use target marketing to cultivate prospects. We use a variety of social media, advertising and professional videos or “personal home documentaries” and other creative marketing to increase bookings.”

Jessica adds, “We have a few other strategies, thinking from a guest standpoint, to try to help our owners generate more income. The owners that are willing to take us up on the advice are coming out ahead. Targeting repeat guests and those who have inquired in the past has also been beneficial for the team and owners, especially in the off season.”

The most important news for owner investors who utilize Destin Palms services is that the rental income that Destin Palms Vacations is able to generate for its owners will only continue to grow. Every property that has been on their management program for the entire 2014 season has exceeded projected income.

“We have several properties that came on our program after Spring Break season that have exceeded 2014 rental income projections. We work do our best to under promise and over deliver” says Jessica.

Destin Palms has properties that have generated up to 50 percent more income for their owners than with the owners’ previous management companies.

According to Damien Starosielsky, an owner of Unit 505B in Majestic Sun, “I’m primarily concerned about two things; revenue is number one, and number two, I want to know my property is being well taken care of, and Destin Palms Vacations does an excellent part in both of those things.”

It is clear that Destin Palms has some innovative ways to market their properties. Senior Partner, Paul Couch chimes in, “Of course it is important to get the bookings, but it is also just as important to please the guests so they return and refer. Valory is phenomenal with our guests. Being a true local and in the business for over a decade, she not only gives the guests the best suggestions to make the most of their vacation, but I hear her on the phone and you would think she has been friends with whomever she talks to for years.”

Valory adds, “I can’t help it. It makes me happy to talk to people about our area and to ensure that they have the best experience possible. There is nowhere else I would rather live, and I want our guests to love it and take advantage of all there is to enjoy in Destin, just as much as I do.”

Destin Palms Vacations and Destin Palms Real Estate are about more than just renting, buying or selling properties. This full circle property business has an added advantage to the owners, sellers and buyers who utilize their services. They have their own maintenance and construction division. Destin Palms Property Preservation and Maintenance led by veteran craftsman and partner Glenn Forrester offers a variety of services for their clients and customers. For owners on their rental program, having in house services has proven to be a huge benefit.

“What we can offer our owners is unlike any ‘maintenance program’ that other companies offer,” says Glenn.

Paul says, “We want our vacation renters to have a great experience, and that can only be accomplished if we have first class units to promote. Keeping homes and condos in top shape is of the utmost importance for both our guests as well as our owners.  The fact that we can fix almost anything in-house saves our owners a considerable amount of money in service calls alone.”

Glenn adds, “We pride ourselves on not ‘nickel and diming’ our owners. That is one of the biggest complaints we hear from owners that have come from another program. We also strive for total transparency. Owners are never surprised by a charge or repair that they didn't know about or did not approve when they get their monthly statement.”

The location of Destin Palms’ office may be one of the best in the area.

“Having our offices strategically located in the Majestic Sun is definitely an advantage. It enables us to keep an eye on the properties that we manage. Our service area is Scenic 98 from Crystal Beach (to the West) extending to Miramar Beach (to the East). We are never more than 10 minutes away from our properties,” Partner Tina Couch says. “It is too easy for companies to spread themselves too thin and not be able to provide the quality of service promised. We like being close.” 

Glenn finishes the thought, “Not only is our office within 10 minutes of all of our properties, but Jessica and I, and our Partners, Tina, Paul, and their Son A.J. live only minutes away should an issue arise at an odd hour.”

“We realize choosing a rental company and putting the trust of your substantial investment in their hands isn't a decision to take lightly. We welcome opportunities to present our team (in any division of interest) and what we have to offer,” says Paul.

If you have an investment property or are considering buying one, give Destin Palms a call, or better yet, stop by their office. The proactive attitude and enormous respect for the properties Destin Palms’ manages, as well as their attention to their guests and owners is impressive, to say the least. Visit the office at 1200 Scenic Gulf Dr, Unit B, Miramar Beach, Fla., 32550 or contact them at or 850-270-5227.