PARTY LINE: So long turkey day; bring on the football

Last Sunday's bake sale at Christ the King was fab.


I was so happy to welcome my son and daughter-in-law here for a couple of days last weekend. You know you have a good son when he chooses to fly from his work assignment in Detroit to his home in New York on Thursday, then fly from there to Tampa to Birmingham on Friday, rent a car and drive Santa Rosa Beach to see me for two days as my Thanksgiving gift. I am blessed. Thank you, Brett!

We had a great time while they were here. I enjoyed preparing some home-cooked meals for them and we watched some college football together. They walked around Seaside a bit on Saturday, which they always enjoy, and said hello to the Modicas. And, Sunday, he took my daughter-in-law to The Red Bar for the first time and heard Dread Clampitt before taking in "Mockingjay" at the Grand. You know you live in a small town when a woman he had never met recognizes him in Brooks Brothers from pictures. Cookie recognized him from their wedding photo in The Sun a year and a half ago. Amazing!

Since I won't get to be with my kids on Thanksgiving or the big game day, I sent a bottle of wine bearing the label of their favorite team back to each. Enjoy!  


I saw Rebecca Balkcom, and Alicia Betts and her daughters at The Tree House Montessori School's Made With Love bake and craft sale held at Christ the King Episcopal Church on Sunday.

Shelly Swanger and Linda Gudnason held a celebration party at their home last weekend. Eileen West, Franko Jackson, Suzette DeJarnette, Mike and Angela Ragsdale, Duke Bardwell, Sam Bush, Fletcher Isacks, Rick Seefeldt, Frith O'Brien, Rick Talbert, and Matt Jones attended.

Sam Bush sat in with Hubba Hubba Sunday night at Local Catch.

Alicia Betts, Duaine and Ann Kief attended the Third Day concert at Village Baptist Church.

Demetrius Fuller attended the DCWAF happy hour last week.

30A Ballet hosted guest instructor Shawn Black Bornemann, former soloist with the American Ballet Theatre in New York, for a series of master classes last week.

Chef Jim Richard is opening a new restaurant in New Orleans at the Intercontinental Hotel on St. Charles called Trenasse.

Best wishes to Stephanie Carter who married Chris Campbell of Troy, Ala. last weekend. Anna Comer, Memori Spence, Nancy Strother, and Stacy Pritchett were there.

As a correction to a mention in last week's Party Line, Kyle Ogle was on stage with Sam Bush.


Nancy Cottle celebrated Thanksgiving in San Juan.

Diane Parsonnet went to central Florida for Thanksgiving.

Dudley and Al Cook went to Vegas last weekend to watch Auburn play basketball, then on to Union Springs, Ala. for Thanksgiving with the fam.

Byron Chism attended the Plant City Pig Jam.

Chan and Laura Cox joined daughter Caitie and grandson Carter in New Orleans to watch the Ravens play the Saints.

Wendy Grantham went to Beau Rivage.

Cheri Peebles went to Pensacola.

Lea Capers dined at Harpin's Restaurant in Macon, Ga.

Austin Buzzett has headed to Breckenridge for the winter.

Heidi Ellis is back from Houston.

Melanie Jordan went to Puerto Rico.

Levin and Jessica Bracken went to Cancun, Mexico.

Louis Petit Sr. is visiting Belgium.

Christy Milliken went to Nashville.

Stephen Marlette is visiting California.


Wish a "happy birthday" on Saturday to DuRee Stewart, Mary Ann Farrell, photographer Jamie Conley, and washboarder Franko Jackson.

Sunday to Gale Culling, Lynn Holland, and The Sun's Tina Harbuck.

Happy December 1 birthdays on Monday to Dude Klutts, and music-master Adele Armitage.

Tuesday to Beverly Johnson, and Jill Velarde.

Wednesday to Mo Moseley, Sherry King, Carole Ebejay, and Chef Jim Shirley.

Thursday to Billy McConnell, Gary Lorenz, Seagrove's Susan Dobes, foodie Susan Benton, and T-Bird owner Mike Thompson.

And Friday to Ken Little, Gayle Klutts, and the lovely Demetria McNeese.

Enjoy your time with family this weekend as we give thanks for them, and our friends. And, may your favorite team win!

Deborah Wheeler is the arts and entertainment reporter for The Walton Sun. Her Party Line column appears weekly in The Sun. She may be reached at 654-8443 or email Contributions are encouraged via email.