BUZ LIVINGSTON: Thanksgiving

Buz Livingston

Numero Uno on this year’s “Things I’m Thankful for List” is checking my spam filter. Otherwise the change in deadline would have gone unheeded and you would be looking at blank space. 

While leaving work at 4:30 to check sunset is a privilege and I’m very grateful, I would be more thankful if the time didn’t change.  Pick one or the other and stick with it. 

 I’m thankful for yoga and asset allocation; try them you will be surprised-both work. I’m thankful when a client looks across the desk and says, “This is what I’ve been looking for.” I’m thankful when I find what I’m looking for, too.

I’m thankful Senator Jim Webb plans a 2016 presidential bid. Chickenhawk Republicans and Hillary must be quaking in their non-combat boots. A Marine First Lieutenant, a Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, two Purple Hearts, Secretary of the Navy in the Reagan years, Swift Boaters don’t even try.  His memoir “Born to Serve” is on my Christmas list. Senator Webb’s dustup with President Bush regarding Webb’s son’s Iraq service delighted liberals, but quietly Senator Webb set up a meeting for his son with President Bush. It makes a nice photo, a president, a senator and a Marine in dress blues. More importantly, it shows Webb willing to bury the hatchet; something we need more in Washington, if we want to keep our democracy.

I am always thankful for Vanguard’s founder, John Bogle. He could have made himself a gazillionaire but chose to keep Vanguard a mutual company owned by shareholders. I’m also thankful Dr. Eugene Fama works for DFA Funds. It’s good having a Nobel Prize winner on my team.

I am thankful for ProPublica. Their recent story describing Goldman Sachs’ cozy relationship with regulators indicates weak oversight of institutions bailed out with taxpayer money. “Regulatory capture” sounds esoteric but it’s nothing more than the proverbial fox guarding the henhouse. 

I am thankful for “Car Talk” and especially Tom Magliozzi. Magliozzi was trained as an engineer but found it boring and opened a car repair service. An NPR station asked him and other mechanics to answer questions posed by listeners. He knew nothing about radio and all other mechanics bailed. Yes, 80 or 90 percent of success is just showing up.

I am thankful for all the girls and boys who make the noise up and down 30A. I am so thankful to go through middle age in such wonderful place with such cool friends. I am not worthy.

I’m thankful Jack’s back at the 83, even curmudgeons are missed.

I’m thankful for the Seaside Rep. Check out their Christmas shows. I am very thankful I caught the Rolling Stones Tribute.

I am thankful for Jim, Stephanie, Blair, Suzanna and Charlotte and I’m thankful Mikey bought a lot in Draper Lake. The bar’s higher for sons-in-law, but you’re getting there.

Most especially I’m thankful for Honey and I’m glad you read this far.

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