LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Confederate flag

Stephen Hodges

I laughed when I read the article in the July 17-19 edition of The Walton Sun, “The Confederate Flag Flies for Another Day in DeFuniak." I mean no disrespect because I know this is a serious issue on both sides – pros and cons.

One statement, however, made me chuckle. A citizen of Eastern Lake made the comment that she fears the presence of the Confederate Flag on the grounds of the DeFuniak Courthouse (The Walton County Courthouse) will affect tourism.

According to recent statistics including the headlines of the Walton Sun Real Estate section in the July 17-19 edition (Hot Hot Hot. Second Quarter 2015) Walton County continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Bed tax revenue increases every year. The “flag’s presence” certainly has not stopped development of many new subdivisions, condominiums, retail stores, restaurants, etc.

The Confederate Flag has flown on the grounds of the Walton County Courthouse in DeFuniak Springs for years. Has it affected the growth of Walton County? Absolutely not. Has it affected “tourism”? Absolutely not.

Tourists traveling to and from our area via the main thoroughfare of Highway 331 through DeFuniak Springs do not pass the Courthouse. It is located several blocks from Highway 331. I suspect most people in South Walton do not know exactly where the Courthouse is located. People should do a little research before making statements when they have no idea what they are talking about, although it does give some of us locals a good laugh.

Stephen W. Hodges

Miramar Beach