Tips for weight control during Super Bowl


Tallahassee — The Florida Department of Health is encouraging all Florida residents and visitors to practice healthy habits during Sunday’s Big Game.

The most watched football game of the year is often celebrated with unhealthy, high calorie foods and long periods of sitting in front of the TV.

Kickoff your tailgate with some healthy tips from Healthiest Weight Florida:

Pregame – Before you turn on the game, make sure to get a workout in, go for a walk with family and friends, and prepare dishes that include fruits and veggies.

Game time – For your meal, pick leaner cuts of meat or hamburger patties, choose whole wheat buns and replace French fries with grilled sweet potatoes.

Snacking – Make an effort to select more fruits and vegetables, portion your chips or crackers and pass on going back for a second helping.

Halftime – During the half-time break, get up and get moving by going outside for some fresh air, helping your host pick up from party and food preparation or starting a friendly game of football.

By choosing healthy behaviors throughout the game, you can also influence your friends and family to make the healthy choice the easy choice. For more healthy tips, sign up to receive weekly emails from the department’s Small Steps to Living Healthy campaign.

About Healthiest Weight Florida

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