PARTY LINE: February, a sweet month all around

Deborah Wheeler
Julie Gibson and her mom, Bonnie McQuiston, enjoyed the fun at the Sherlock Holmes Society gathering.

A long Valentine's weekend -- what could be sweeter? Two breakfasts out, a special dinner of surf and turf, and a great evening with friends.

I was blessed to be invited to Robert and Marinella Monk's gorgeous French-inspired home on the Bay last Saturday night for wine and cheese. It turned out to be much more, as I should have suspected. Marinella's table was spread with many vegan grazing dishes and we all sat around her elegant dining room chatting as we enjoyed. This was topped off with Marinella's homemade mincemeat pie and Francois Bernard reading several of his love poems, then karaoke, stimulating conversation about everything under the sun, and the crème de la crème of Marinella playing her century-old harp. What an evening! I am so blessed to know such stimulating people. John Stasko, Francois and Joanne Bernard, Sandy and Greig Monk, Hulda and Dick Muhlum enjoyed.

I had a great lunch at George's in Alys Beach last week with Jill Tanner. The best Brunswick stew ever.

The Beach Hounds Scion of the Sherlock Holmes Society met for their annual gathering Tuesday night at the Ocean Club, and a fun evening was enjoyed by all. Chick and Cathy Huettel, Bonnie and Rick McQuiston, Brenda and Jim Radtke, Sue and Sam Borden, Paul and Sandy Luchtefeld, Brady and Katherine Fitzsimmons, Jan and Joe Stanko, John Stasko, Meg Nelson, Julie Gibson, Karen and Maunsel White enjoyed.


Ricky Fannin, Stacey Brady, Justin Gaffrey, Brittany Matthews, Ann Kief, Tim and Kathy Norris, Jim Bagby, Roger Hall, Jessica Proffitt attended the annual Chamber gala last week.

Susan and Phil Benton, Tracy Louthain, Jill Tanner, Jessica Proffitt-Bracken, Kelli Carter, Julie Stuckey enjoyed the gumbo fest.

Bonnie McQuiston, Karen and Maunsel White, Mark Caraway, Gillian Lee, Brenda Radtke, and Beth Coppedge enjoyed Sandy and Paul Luchtefeld's annual Mardi Gras party.

Marinella and Robert Monk got a thrill on Sunday. They went to see Ron Adams perform at the Market Shops at Sandestin and were surprised when Mike Huckabee joined him on stage.


Lots of locals are traveling.

Vern Yip went to Brazil.

Stephen and Joan Carter visited South Africa.

Dean and Eden Millsap are back from two weeks of cruising the Eastern and Western Caribbean aboard the Regal Princess.

Jim and Bert Summerville-Kain journeyed to South Africa.

Holly Speight went shopping in London.

Joree and Jerry Hamm went to Havana Cuba, as did Tommy Crow.

Heidi and Jeff Ellis went to Palm Springs for Modernism Week.

Mark Thompson has made it to Vegas and visited the Grand Canyon.

Kitty Taylor and Jamie Christ went skiing in Crested Butte.

Mark Pollaski is back from Aspen.

Robin Wiesneth went to Idaho.

Stephen Marlette and Harriet Crommelin went to Charleston, as did Bonnie Waters. Stephen and Harriet are eating their way through the town, starting with Restoration on King.

Buz and Susan Livingston went to Nashville, as did Shelly Swanger, and heard Sam Bush perform.

Susan and Phil Benton went to Atlanta.

Allison Yii explored Mobile.

Jennifer and Andy McAlexander visited Winter Park.

Mike Weimorts and his daughters, Anna and Meredith, enjoyed Mardi Gras parades in Mobile. They rode a float with the Crewe of LaShea in the Joe Cain Day parade on Sunday.

Jane Beene did Mardi Gras in Lafayette.

Kellie Biegler went to Tally.

Sharon Maxwell visited Mobile.


Happy 33rd anniversary to Joan and Pat Rice.

Congratulations to first-time parents Phil and Madra McDonald on the birth of Olivia Coco right around sunrise on Feb. 11. She weighed in at just over 8 pounds.

Chick Huettel was excited to watch the final expanse of the 331 bridge be set in place last Thursday afternoon.


Sympathy is expressed to Larry and Kris Titus in the loss of Michael.

Sympathy is expressed to Teddy Adams in the passing of Chuck, and to all at the Sandestin Fitness Center, where he was a staple right until the end.

And to the Bowden family in the loss of Lucy.


Get well quick wishes for Joan Vienot.

And, special get-well wishes go out to Pat Conroy. We are pulling for you!


Wish a "happy birthday" today Harriet Crommelin, Donna Pelous, Frank Macon, and Bob Walz.

Saturday to Philippe Petit.

Sunday to David Higgs, and Cody Copeland.

Monday to Jim Radford, Garrett Horn, Susan Tolbert, Diane Parsonnet, and Tina Burke.

Tuesday to Jim Herbermann, Julie Modica, and Balder Saunders.

Wednesday to Laura Bailey, and Steve Howard.

And Thursday to Kelly Buzzett, Hardy Jackson, and Ron Hart.

Deborah Wheeler is a staff writer for The Walton Sun. She may be reached at 267-4555 or email Her Party Line column appears weekly in The Sun. Contributions are encouraged via email. Follow her on Twitter @WaltonSunDeb.