Farewell, Tropical Depression One-E. We hardly knew you

Gannett Florida staff reports
Walton Sun

The first tropical depression of the eastern Pacific Ocean season is on its way out after setting a record for being the earliest depression to form, forecasters say.

Tropical Depression One-E, spinning harmlessly over the waters of the Pacific off the coast of Mexico on Sunday, was facing an onslaught of shearing winds and was expected to become a remnant low pressure area this afternoon.

The depression was about 765 miles southwest of the southernmost tip of Baja California. It was moving northwest at 9 mph. Highest winds were estimated at about 35 mph.

The cyclone, which was looking ragged on afternoon satellite photos, was expected to curve west-northwest, then head west as it dissipated, the National Hurricane Center said.

It had the distinction of becoming the earliest-forming tropical depression in that region since recordkeeping began in the 1960s.