New compressor makes firefighting more efficient in DeFuniak Springs

Special to Gannett

DEFUNIAK SPRINGS — Firefighters in DeFuniak Springs can now prepare for the next fire even faster with the purchase of a new $52,000 compressor to refill their air tanks. 

Fire officials purchased the new compressor with fire impact fees collected during the past fiscal year.

Firefighter in full gear shows off air tank on his back which will be refilled after a fire at the station from one of the larger tanks behind him filled by the new compressor system in back.  This system eliminates the need for firefighters to recharge their oxygen tanks from other departments miles away.

“We have had to rely on Argyle, Liberty and Walton County Fire Rescue after every call to a fire to refill our tanks,” said DeFuniak Springs Fire Chief Ross Sheffield. “Now, we no longer have to travel to those departments to refill our tanks, which have taken precious time away from our personnel, not to mention the miles added to our vehicles to refill tanks to be ready for the next call.” 

The compressor is located inside the DeFuniak Springs Fire Department, which is used to refill large tanks from which firefighters refill their individual tanks.

Fire Chief Ross Sheffield shows off old compressor system which no longer works inside a large trailer at the DeFuniak Springs Fire Department. This system has now been replaced with a new $52,000 system purchased with fire impact fees collected during the past fiscal year.

Sheffield said he and the DeFuniak Springs Fire Department were grateful to Argyle, Liberty, and the Walton County Fire District for many years of assistance with filling oxygen tanks and offers use of the new compressor to all county departments in reciprocation.