Alaqua Animal Refuge affected by closings

Laurie Hood
Founder Alaqua

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact us all, Alaqua Animal Refuge is taking a pro-active approach to do our part to assist with minimizing the spread of this virus. With the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, and visitors as our priority, we are implementing the following procedures, effective immediately:

Temporarily close the Refuge to visitors until the end of March

Schedule adoptions by appointment only and work on promoting adoptions virtually, and via social media

Suspend volunteers coming on property, but encourage all of our volunteers to “stay home and volunteer.” This means fostering one of your favorites from the Refuge. It’s a perfect time to stay home, stay safe, and give an animal a chance to have a vacation of their own. This will also allow us to reduce the number of animals on property and our staff will be able to give the animals who remain the time they need to be properly cared for, walked, and socialized.

If you are not currently a volunteer, it’s the perfect time to start. Take advantage of being at home and foster one of the amazing animals at the Alaqua. All supplies, food, and medical is provided and opportunities include puppies and kittens, adult dogs and cats, and senior pets who would love a sofa to crash on.

On a personal note as the founder of Alaqua, this is all very scary to me. It is reminiscent of the time period after the BP oil spill, when all of our monetary donations simply just stopped and we almost had to close our doors.

In addition, the need for social distancing has taken away our ability to hold much-needed fundraisers that keep our organization operational on a day-to-day basis. Just this week, our Sip n Shop, part of the Chi Chi Miguel Throwdown Weekend, and one of two annual events that provide critical funding for our entire yearly operation, has been canceled.

It is a devastating blow to our organization, but our board of directors is working hard to get creative and do what we can to get through this difficult time.

Finally, we urge our supporters to make a donation to the Refuge during this time if you can. Our services are needed even more than ever right now, as we have become the go-to organization to help animals, and their families, in Northwest Florida. The animals need our help.

To foster an animal, visit

To donate to the Refuge, please click here.visit