Coronavirus Florida: Taco shop offers face masks with orders

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Walton Sun
Walton Sun

Welcome to the coronavirus edition of Taco Tuesday. A Treasure Coast taquería is offering an unexpected side with all takeout and delivery orders -- and, no, it’s not extra salsa.

The folks at Taco Shack in Stuart say they’ll add a free face mask to every online or phone order of their gourmet tacos and burritos. The offer, available every day, is extended to customers who place their Taco Shack orders from delivery services such as Delivery Dudes and UberEats.

“During this horrible time in our country, we were lucky to secure masks that we could provide for free. As you know it is very difficult to find masks and people are using scarves and other cover ups,” management wrote in a statement that was emailed to the press and posted on Taco Shack’s Facebook page.

According to the statement, the taco shop has “a good supply” of masks intended to “help keep the Treasure Coast safe.”

But the offer sparked discussion on Taco Shack’s Facebook post.

Commenter Jeannine Duffey Neubecker urged the taco shop to donate the masks to a national clinic location in Martin County.

“Handing them out for business is morally not right when (there) are medical people I know without them. Shame! You lost my business,” read her post.

Another commenter came back: “I think this is great. They are not profiting from them, they are giving them away…”

In its own defense, Taco Shack replied: “Happy to help the clinic. Provide us with contact name and we will get to them. We have donated 4,000 masks already.”

According to the emailed statement, the tacos-and-mask mission has purely altruistic intentions:

“We are here to help, and hope to bring some safety to our customers, and a full stomach.”

The self-proclaimed “taco joint” is best known for its unusual taco fillings, which include po-boy-style shrimp, Thai basil Brussels sprouts, chicken curry and “sticky” chicken tenders served with Gouda and jalapeño-infused honey.

Taco Shack:555 S. Colorado Ave., Stuart, 772-288-9696, serving daily 11am-2pm and 5-8pm


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