Florida primary: Poll shows Biden leads Sanders, except with young

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Walton Sun

The University of North Florida’s Public Opinion Research Lab released a poll showing former Vice President Joe Biden topping U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders by 44 points.

The survey showed Biden holding a 66% to 22% lead over Sanders in a contest sharply divided among generational lines.

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“This is down to a two-man race and Biden is looking toward a blowout in Florida,” stated Michael Binder, director of the Public Opinion Research Lab, in a statement. “Florida’s polling numbers combined with Biden’s strong showing this past week in the primaries, paints a bleak picture for the Sanders campaign. He is facing a do or die debate on Sunday if he hopes to swing the momentum.”

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But among younger voters, those between the ages of 18 and 24, Sanders captured a stunning garnered 77% support.

Biden fared better among those ages 35 to 44, leading Sanders by five points in this group, 45% to 40%. Biden also dominated among voters 65 and over with 78%.

Binder said that while Sanders recorded an impressive lead among younger voters, it is a voter segment that isn’t big enough to “propel him to a victory in Florida.”

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Biden also drew broad and fairly equal support among racial and ethnic groups in the state registering 68% of African-Americans, 67% among whites and 65% of Hispanic respondents.

Regarding the racial breakdown of respondents’ vote choice, Binder noted that, “despite

On issues, the poll showed healthcare, at 31%, was cited as the most important problem facing the country.

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