LETTER: Hart hits the nail on the GOP’s head

Ken Baltes, Destin

I normally don't see the Walton Sun, but I caught this one and remember you from a contact several years ago. After 50-plus years of voting Republican and considering myself as a conservative, I now find I am a RINO. So much for labels.

Your column is right on in identifying the problem, even if I disagree on your proposed solution.

The Republican Party has been stolen by a fringe element identified by such names as the Tea Party, Evangelical Christianity, and the "no tax increase but spend more money is OK" crowd.

So why am I sick of the GOP?  

1. Turning off women and intelligent voters with social issues such as abortion, what constitutes rape and evolution doesn't exist,

2. Lacking any other battle cry, the lower taxes platform has lost any credibility in the face of our mounting debt.

3. Unless Rubio or Jeb can undo the damage, we have lost the expanding Latino vote.

4. The unwillingness to raise taxes, even if the Dems will agree to cut expenses, is proof the lack of compromise is the fault of the Republicans. So nothing gets done. 

Enjoyed your column. For a Libertarian, you're not bad!