EDITORIAL: Celebrate your emergency medical providers

Special to The Sun

The response to events such as the bombings at the Boston Marathon, the Oklahoma tornadoes, a train collision in Bridgeport, Conn., or a medical emergency at your neighbor’s house are all part of a day’s work for members of local Emergency Medical Squads. Lives are saved because of the dedication and training of these skilled and caring men and women in our community. We are thankful for their courage in the face of danger and we recognize that they make a difference each and every day.

The American College of Emergency Physicians designated the week of May 19 as National Emergency Medical Services. This year’s theme was “EMS: One Mission. One Team.” EMS providers include certified emergency medical responders, emergency medical technicians and licensed paramedics.  Whether paid or volunteer, they are all professionals who are ready to provide lifesaving care 24 hours a day. They are an essential part of a community’s healthcare team that includes emergency medicine physicians and nurses as well as firefighters, educators and others.

Emergency medical care by first responders includes critical treatments such as CPR, defibrillation and the administration of oxygen and other life-saving medications.  EMS professionals also provide splint fractures, assist in emergency childbirths and manage people in crisis.  Sacred Heart Health System is grateful to our EMS providers and proud of the work they do. 

Please join us in thanking these individuals who work in the field of Emergency Medical Services.  At Sacred Heart, we appreciate their contributions to the care of our patients and recognize that our focus is the same: maintain the safety and well-being of our patients. One Mission. One Team.

Susan Davis

President and CEO

Sacred Heart Health System