LETTER: Revolution postponed

Staff Writer
Walton Sun
Walton Sun

Not only will the revolution NOT be televised, it will not even occur.

It has been postponed, since last Tuesday; since the dismantling, disassembling, of Bernardo Sanders, previously acknowledged front-runner in the Democrats race to nomination.

Joe Biden, DOA in New Hampshire, has been resurrected, appropriately enough, in the Easter season. Biden is the anti-Trump candidate. Without President Trump, Sanders would probably be carried to nomination and possibly beyond.

Everyone I know likes Bernie, who is, undeniably, a decent human being. But a Sanders vs Trump scenario scares people, like me, dedicated to the downfall of the current occupant of the White House.

I think of Sarge Shriver vs Reagan. I think of McGovern vs Nixon. This fear is what has driven the Biden-revival. This fear has created the cross-over vote by Sanders and Warren supporters, willing to sacrifice their man, or woman, to the exigency of bringing about a change at Pennsylvania Avenue.

The revolution has been rescheduled for 2024. It will be televised, unless, as in this election year, it too gets canceled.

Wayne F. Burke, Destin