LETTER: Action needed to stop COVID-19 spread

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Walton Sun
Walton Sun

As I was traveling down U.S. Highway 98 on my way to work I noticed that about half of the cars had license plates from out of state.

Colleges have dismissed classes in order to decrease the congregation of students in order to prevent the spread of the disease. All cases of COVID-19 locally have occurred due to someone who has traveled.

This is a highly infectious disease that can be carried when someone is asymptomatic. Yet, we are still allowing these same college students to come here from all over the country (the disease is present in all 50 states), congregate in greater than the recommended 10 person groups (this is is hard to control by our local officials), go to our local groceries and pharmacies, stay in hotels, contaminate everything they touch (I have not seen one of these young people carrying wipes) and possibly increase the once limited number of cases we had in our local communities.

As a physician, I find this policy irresponsible and I feel this is putting our older citizens lives at risk. If the Governor does not take action we have to rely on on local governments to act. If one of these visitors becomes symptomatic, we do not have wide spread testing available yet to detect the disease. Even worse, they would have to self isolate for two weeks if they have symptoms. Since they are from out of state, where would they stay? If they flew here they would not be able to board a plane.

ACTION needs to occur now.

Deborah Simkin, M.D., Destin