LETTER: Trump bashers just don't get it

Santa Rosas Press Gazette

In response to the letter “Trump is bashing a very American system,” when I open the paper and read article like this, it just makes me chuckle these days.

Just knowing there are still very naive and uneducated Democrats still out there and then write articles based on what false and fake info they can. It's very funny that he states that Trump can’t accept defeat when even after 4 years the Dems can’t stop whining and crying and trying to reverse the results from 2016.

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And now, these same people are asking for unity? Really? Sleazy Joe couldn’t round up seven people for a rally, let alone sucker in 70 million people for votes (legally). So, by him saying Trump asking to look into the Dems cheating and scandalous acts is non-American, just shows how out of touch these dems really are.

Letters to the editor

I guess the recent freeze in the Panhandle has frozen some people's thinking process. Don’t worry, it will warm up soon enough.

What’s even funnier is he writes about Trump going on Facebook to spread lies when his complete article is based on fake rumors and lies. “Reports circulating.” really? What is the education level of these people?  Sleazy Joe won’t make it 2 years into his presidency as he will be pushed out due to dementia (or other reasons) and it’s all game over from there!

So, what is non-American is hating Trump more than you love America! And to vote in a very incompetent individual due to your hate is the lowest of all lows!  So Dems, please don’t ever use the words American, patriotic, unity, etc., in the context of you talking about yourselves. It’s hypocritical, fake, false, untrue.

Gary Liddell, Holt