STEVE ASHMORE: Famous names we said goodbye to in 2019

Steve Ashmore
Gannett Florida Blogger
Walton Sun

It happens every year – people we’ve watched on television or sang along with on the radio leave us. While 2019 wasn’t terrible, we said goodbye to many celebrities.

In March, Luke Perry said goodbye to all of his friends in Beverly Hills 90210.

April surely left sound crews scratching their heads. The tiny, demure voice of Georgia Engle (Georgette on the Mary Tyler Moore Show) said goodbye one last time.

On the other end of the spectrum Peter Mayhew growled a courageous farewell. You may not recognize the name unless you’re a Star Wars fan, but in full costume Chewbacca is recognized most anywhere.

We lost several well knowns the next month. Jim Fowler used to scare Johnny Carson to death with his host of animal friends. He went on to the Wild Kingdom in May.

Doris Day could sing, dance and act. She entertained over the years in many different ways, but she too left us in May. Que sera sera.

From Ensign Charles Parker to Dorf, this self-depreciating comic genius appeared in the shadows of Ernest Borgnine, Carol Burnett and many others. But Tim Conway always got his share of laughs. One of his famous quotes was about the hereafter – when he walked into a room, he wondered what he was here after. In May he found the answer.

The poor little rich girl Gloria Vanderbilt passed away in June. Her passing was appropriately reported by her son, Anderson Cooper.

Beth Chapman, wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter, chased down her last bail jumper in June.

July had to be a minor victory for the aliens in our universe. Rip Torn, who played Zed in the film Men in Black, passed into the great beyond.

Everyone remembers Eddie Money asking, “Take Me Home Tonight.” Well, when September rolled around he received “Two Tickets to Paradise.”

Diahann Carroll was a singer, model, and actress. Her characters on “Julia” and “Dynasty” were influential in the television industry. She left us in October.

Don Imus who rose to stardom as a DJ and then fell so fast with an insensitive comment, signed off in December.

And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the passing of Tardar Sauce. Don’t recognize that one? Is he a lesser known rap artist? No, that’s the real name of the Internet meme star better known as Grumpy Cat.

The past year wasn’t as bad as some, still it’s sad to say goodbye to these icons. Goodbye, farewell, and amen.

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