GUEST COLUMN: Meditation key to finding ’Light of God’

William Robert Helms
Guest Columnist
Walton Sun

I was very happy to see your editorial by Erick Erickson in your Saturday Jan. 4 edition about eternity.

But, what is the eternal? I could illustrate by asking you what time it is. You might look at your watch and tell me the time. Then days or months later I might ask you again, what time is it? Again you look at your watch and give me the time.

In term of the material world both answers are correct. In terms of the eternal, both answers are wrong. Because in the eternal the answer is always the same. It is now. It has always been now and always will be now.

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When your body dies and falls away from your soul you will be left with nothing but your soul, which is who you really are, the soul, which is a part of God himself and like God your soul is eternal. It had no beginning and it has no end.

You take nothing but your soul with you at death but your soul does have baggage. This baggage is called kharma and dharma. Kharma will weigh you down and is the result of your selfishness in life. Selfishness is the root of all evil. Dharma is the result of all your attempts to seek God. Every time you walk into a church you acquire dharma. The balance of kharma and dharma will influence the conditions of your next rebirth.

You can experience the eternal in your own body through meditation. You want the kind of meditation that will reveal the light of God to you. All that is required is to sit, and be still, and concentrate on the God within you. Remember Exodus when God said to Moses, “Be still and know that I am God.”

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In meditation God will spoon-feed you at your own pace. He will give you no more than you can handle at one time. Then sometime he might knock your lights out with an overwhelming realization.

I’ve had people who are already in meditation ask me to help them find God. I tell them you have already found God. You found him on your first day of meditation. All that is required now is for you to meditate enough that you finally realize that.

God is right there under your nose but God being the most powerful thing in the universe, he is also the most subtle. You can go a thousand lifetimes and never figure it out for yourself. The mind is of the brain and the brain is of the body, and the body is of the material world. It is totally incapable of discerning the eternal.

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But your conscientiousness can because it is not of the brain or body, it is of the soul which is eternal and can therefore comprehend its own nature through meditation.

Babba Ram Das wrote the book titled “Be Here Now.” It is highly recommend. I can also recommend the Tao Te Ching bay Lao Tzu.

William Roberts Helms is a resident of Fort Walton Beach.