GUEST COLUMN: They were after Trump from the start

James T. Armstrong | Guest Columnist
Walton Sun

Looking at these past letters from "registered Republicans" that are now not Trump supporters, let me explain in a nutshell about the Mueller/Russia probe.

I will do so in such a simplistic term that any TDS sufferers from stage 1 to 3 can grasp. By the way, TDS is a term meaning “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

The six people arrested that were "very close" to Trump were:

1: Paul Manafort, who DID NOT know Trump, rose to campaign manager for a total of TWO months after Lewandosky was fired and soon resigned pleaded guilty to tax fraud, bank fraud and filing false tax returns. And the press will not harp on this tidbit, Manafort was being investigated by the FBI since 2014 (to Dems with stage 4 TDS, that's two years before Trump became viable).

2: Rick Gates, who DID NOT know Trump, was a longtime business associate of Manafort and became Paul Manafort's deputy in Trump's campaign. Gates pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the USA from millions in earnings he and Manafort made while working in Ukraine and lying to FBI. He received a total of 45 days in jail.

3: Michael Cohen, who was Trump's personal attorney, pleaded guilty to tax evasions and lying to congress. Despite efforts by surrogates of Adam Shiffe to coach Cohen for the congressional hearing, the Dems got nada.

4: General Flynn, who backed Trump from the start and knew Trump, pleaded guilty to lying to FBI three times about a conversation with Russian Amd. Kislyak during Trump's transition (courtesy of Comey taking advantage of the "chaos" in the White House). The second lie was about a UN Security Council condemning Israel for new settlements, Flynn was to pressure foreign officials including Russia, to vote against resolution. The third lie was misrepresenting his involvement with the Turkish government.

5: George Papadopoulos, a 29-year-old, low-level Trump campaign aid who was working on Ben Carson's campaign until it tanked. DID NOT know Trump. His crime? Lying to FBI about a conversation with a London-based professor who told Georgie that Russians had dirt on Hillary and Georgie wanted to be a big shot. So while rubbing elbows with the political elites, he mentioned that he knows about Russia and Hillary Email. Papadopolous got 14 whole days in jail.

6: Roger Stone, who knew Trump, pleaded guilty to lying about his efforts to contact Wikileaks and their plan to release materials that would be damaging to Hillary. He was also found guilty of five counts of making false statements to Congress, and one count of witness tampering.

Sources above came from VOX, NYTimes, and NPR. Had I put down FOX and/or Breitbart, then those suffering from TDS would become terminal.

We were told that our Democracy was at stake and Trump needed to be impeached, but if it was so urgent, why take recess and why is it that the Article of Impeachment was not sent to the Senate?

The hatred for Trump and the call for impeachment started from the time he was sworn in.

Case for Trump:

Trump kept his promises from cutting regulations (rising economy without a magic wand), energy independence, support for military and law enforcement, recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel (for almost 70 years prior presidents have broken that promise), most Pro-life president, NATO paying more in defense, got us out of the Paris Climate Accord ( rewarded India and China), stopped Iran deal, USMCA, Prison Reform and the list goes on.

Case for Dem:

Free medical for whoever can cross the border, disband ICE, eliminate cow farts, eliminate fossil fuel.

My vote will be Trump warts and all.