CHRIS MANION: Ideological loyalty vs. right to life

Chris Manion
Walton Sun

“Red America is finally going on lockdown.” So described David Leonhardt, opinion columnist for the New York Times, in response to Florida, Georgia and Mississippi governors’ stay-at-home orders effective April 3.

We welcome this late lockdown even though we bristle at our restrained freedom.

It will slow the virus.

History books will record the more rapid spread of Covid-19 in the United States. Other parts of the world responded faster and may recover faster. Now is not the time for comparisons but the media does not restrain itself often. Oh Walter Cronkite, we miss you.

Now is the time for safety – of the country and its citizens. Now is the time for U.S. citizens to follow the golden rule: do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

• Be kind.

• Do not shake hands. Wash your hands instead.

• Keep a 6-12 foot distance.

• Do not violate the essential-travel-only rule.

• Take the log out of your own eye (and yard) before criticizing others.

Ed Kilgore (New York Magazine) complimented the improving responsible drift of public policy in Republican-governed states. He finds “GOP pols remain vulnerable to another backflip by Trump. His earlier mutterings aloud about wanting to declare the crisis over have led some of his fans to make rebelling against sound medical advice an act of ideological loyalty.” Don’t surrender to this weak choice. Something more valuable is at stake.

Few things are life and death matters. This quarantine is one of them. Obey it, if not for yourself, for your fellow citizens. We're in this together. We all have a right to life.

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