LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Facts speak for themselves on Trump

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The author of “Facts must rise to the top” (Jan. 1) is disturbed that many people have already made up their minds in support of President Trump regarding impeachment. He goes on to explain how he has already made up his mind in the other direction. Anyone who has been paying attention has enough information to decide for themselves.

Regarding the articles of impeachment, "abuse of power” is a term that has been applied to many presidents throughout history by their political opponents. Personally, I think asking Ukraine to root out corruption is in our country’s interests, especially when much of our aid to that country has apparently been misappropriated in the past. The “obstruction of Congress” charge is far from a slam dunk. The executive is not subordinate to the legislative; they are co-equal branches. Disputes between them are rightly settled by the third branch – the Judiciary – as has been done many times in American history.

On the Russia hoax, the author writes that the Mueller report did not exonerate Trump. The report did state that there was no evidence that the president colluded with Russia to influence the election. In other words, the collusion narrative was a hoax.

The author states that Trump’s behavior caused the constant investigations that started before he was elected. What behavior, exactly? The Steele dossier that alleged multiple misdeeds has been revealed as a fraud cooked up by foreign actors. Still, Trump’s often rude behavior, and his policy objectives, probably did cause Washington insiders like Comey, McCabe, Strzok, the pseudo-whistleblower, and others, to hate him and try to concoct a way (“insurance policy”) to have him removed from office. Is that what the author meant?

The U.S. intelligence community concluded that Russian election interference was intended to sow discord and cast doubt on the legitimacy of the victor. Apparently the Russians succeeded beyond Vladimir Putin’s wildest dreams.

Kevin Hynes, Fort Walton Beach

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