LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dems’ crusade a curtain Biden hides behind

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Walton Sun
Walton Sun

Given Speaker Pelosi's month-long delay in transmitting articles of impeachment to the Senate and current demands for additional witness testimony, it's pretty obvious House Democrats are now trying to slow-walk their effort to impeach President Trump.

Everybody knows Trump will not be removed from office, so why are they dragging this out?

Are they trying to run out the clock before voters have time to realize that presidential candidate Joe Biden actually DID what Trump is now being falsely accused of doing?

As vice president, Joe Biden was in charge of American policy with Ukraine, and he actually DID threaten to withhold a billion dollars in military aid if Ukraine did not provide a specific quid pro quo. Biden demanded that in exchange for the money, a particular Ukrainian government prosecutor be fired.

Background: Despite having absolutely no experience in fossil fuels, Joe Biden's prodigal son Hunter had somehow managed to land a $50,000 per month job on the board of Burisma Holdings, a natural gas conglomerate based in Ukraine. Suspecting corruption, a Ukrainian government prosecutor was looking into this relationship, and had plans to question Hunter Biden.

Concerned about what might come out, Vice President Biden demanded Ukraine fire this prosecutor and halt the investigation, or they would not receive the aid. The prosecutor was fired, and the aid delivered.

Joe Biden later bragged about this in a 2018 talk to the Council on Foreign Relations, saying he gave the Ukrainians six hours to comply, and (Biden's words) "if the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch! He got fired."

Democrats certainly don't want it widely known that their leading presidential candidate got away with doing precisely what they now falsely claim Trump did.

Bob Reid, Niceville