LETTER: Resorts, hotels should offer refunds

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Walton Sun
Walton Sun

Do local Floridians want people from other states to visit and increase risk of catching coronavirus? I don’t think so. Isn’t the president urging all citizens to stay put? Wouldn’t you say this pandemic is unprecedented?

I live in Chicago and would love to escape to sunny Florida, but for the health and safety of my family and others I am staying put. We have a week vacation booked for next week with another family (currently social distancing from) for spring break. Schools have gone to e-learning. Who knows if they will be back in session. Will my senior graduate? Will I have a job? Are we going to stay healthy?

What I don’t want to worry about is the $6,000 I may lose if I am unable to vacation at the same resort within a year? Most VRBOs are refunding canceled rentals due to this pandemic. Not ours – rebook within the year. This isn’t airline credit? This is unprecedented and the country is locked down.

As I said we would love to have this vacation as planned but what if we all did this? The resort where we booked needs to refund all guests their money out of social responsibility.

I would like my money back. This was a planned last vacation with this family to celebrate our seniors. Our vacation will not match up in the future and we wouldn’t need a place this big.

Tracey Balderson, Chicago, Illinois