Rebuilding America: Well-armed to help you get your business back on track

William Barker and Matthew Sauer
Walton Sun

As Florida slowly begins to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are striving to help: moving from the pain of an unprecedented pandemic to the promise of prosperity that is Florida.

We have learned a tremendous amount about ourselves, our communities and the human spirit. We have witnessed, as in any crisis, the best and the worst. We have seen great stories of heroism come to life in our reporting. Frontline nurses and doctors are inspiring us all. Businesses and individuals have come together to take care of those in need. The human spirit is alive and well.

We have heard from business leaders that care deeply about their enterprises, their employees and their customers. Equally, they care about the communities they serve. Everyone is eager to get back to work and realize the economic well-being so important to our sustainability as a community and a society. That is both the fiscal and physical well-being of our communities and state.

We are well armed for this task.

The USA Today Network is the umbrella for the 260 local brands that serve local communities in 46 states. Our USA TODAY brand also reaches the entire nation, and collectively, we have seen our readership expand like never before during COVID-19.

Our most recent readership numbers show that we reached an audience of more than 173 million people across the United States on our digital platforms and local websites alone. Plus, we have more than 300,000 campaigns running on behalf of clients across the nation provided by LocaliQ, our marketing solutions organization.

"Local“ in that name represents our deep knowledge and the relationship we have with communities and clients. We have served some of these locales for more than 100 years. ”IQ“ represents our insights, data and leading technology. That all results in a deeper knowledge of the communities we serve and the best practices we deploy to help businesses effectively invest in their growth.

An investment in our solutions generates a two-sided return: Not only do clients see their businesses thrive, they fund the journalism that creates a healthy economy in which to conduct business — and to live and raise a family.

In Florida, we have 23 newspaper brands across as many markets. That results in us reaching a digital audience of 9 million, nearly 60% of Florida adults each month and more than 2 million readers in print. We are, by far, the most significant media organization collectively in Florida by almost any measure. We believe our investment in the well-being of our communities and the state is unparalleled. We love both. We wake up every day thinking about how we can make our community stronger and help local businesses thrive.

We connect the heart and soul of our communities.

We take this responsibility very seriously and closely collaborate to achieve just that as we think about sustaining and growing our business as well. We know our results will be reflected in the outcome of our work. Those outcomes will determine the level of investment we can make in journalism, a critical component of this democracy.

Therefore, we have brought considerable resources to bear on helping our communities navigate this pandemic and reopen in a safe and responsible manner as quickly and as is feasible.

As the severity of COVID-19 became clear, we launched Support Local, empowering individuals to support their favorite local restaurants through the purchase of gift certificates. We’re continuing to look at how we can expand upon that effort. Currently, we have 912 Florida restaurants represented.

In that spirit — beginning digitally on May 28 and in print on May 31 — we are pullling out the stops to help get our communities activated. We call it Rebuilding America.

We are comprehensively telling the COVID-19 story. Both from a national and local perspective. We targeted 12 important content categories related to the recovery phase of this pandemic. We hope you will enjoy reading what we put together, and you will support and learn from the businesses that have made it possible through their partnership.

We’re all in this together and together we will come out stronger than ever. We believe wholeheartedly that our ultimate responsibility is to facilitate community conversation and to provide thought-leadership to ensure that Florida remains the best state to live, work and play anywhere in the world.

We look forward to pulling together to Rebuild Florida and to take it to new heights!

This story originally published to, and was shared to other Florida newspapers in the USA TODAY Network - Florida.